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Why Your Home Needs A Solar Hot Water System

Why Your Home Needs A Solar Hot Water System

You may have already switched over to many energy-efficient appliances for various household needs, but what about the water heating system you’re using?

Hot water is something that you need regularly, so the heating source is indeed an essential factor to consider. If you’re still using an electric water heating system, it’s undoubtedly contributing much more to your utility bills than even an electric space heater.

In comparison, a solar water heating system would be a much more energy-efficient option and would also work consistently to deliver the hot water that you need.

But there are many other facets of this heating system that you need to know to fully understand why it’s so useful for your home. And that’s where we come to your help by putting forward this guide on the benefits of a solar water heating system.

So, let’s dive in!

How Do Solar Hot Water Systems Work?

As the name suggests, a solar hot water system uses solar panels for collecting energy from the sun. Additionally, it has fluid with a water base inside the panels, through which the heat is carried to the tank for storing hot water. This system then transfers the heat into the hot water supply to your home and also ensures that the fluids are not mixed.

Note that this heat transfer takes place with the help of a device called a heat exchanger.

Following this, the fluid goes back to the panels to collect more heat, and then you can have hot water free from any emissions with the remaining liquid. This water can be used for washing, showering, cleaning, laundry, etc.

Graphic How A Hot Water System Works

10 Benefits Of Installing A Solar Hot Water System

These are several benefits of installing a solar hot water system, so let’s move on and look at each of them briefly.

1. Protects Air Quality

This is a major advantage of installing a solar hot water system, as many homes use electricity for heating water, which results in air pollution. Actually, the use of electricity results in the release of byproducts such as particulates into the surroundings, which ultimately pollutes the air.

This can have several detrimental effects on the environment and on your health as well. And by using solar energy to heat the domestic water, you would contribute significantly in solving these environmental issues.

2. Saves Money

The changes made to your home environment can often benefit you financially and shifting to solar power definitely falls among one of those changes. Water heaters that run on solar power can account for 80 percent of your requirement of hot water.

This would, of course, translate into a lot of savings on the utility bills each month; hence the expenses on the water heater system would eventually come back to you. It would take about 4 to 8 years for that to happen, and then onwards you’re going to profit from the system.

3. Protects Water Quality

Research has revealed that coal-based power stations are the primary source of heavy, toxic chemicals such as mercury. These chemicals are generally released in larger amounts into streams, rivers, and lakes and have devastating effects on these water bodies.

They are also dangerous for human health as the water from these sources may be unknowingly used for consumption. So, setting up a solar heating system for the water used for domestic purposes can help prevent contamination of the water by mercury and other harmful chemicals.

4. Protects The Environment

By installing a solar hot water system at home, you will definitely do your part in combating climate change. If you didn’t know this till now, let us tell you that when water is heated up, it accounts for the use of nearly 21 percent of the electrical energy used in any typical home.

Ultimately, this leads to the release of large amounts of carbon into the environment. However, using solar power to heat water can help reduce the emission of carbon and other greenhouse gases.

5. Low Maintenance

A heating system that works on solar power needs little maintenance, which includes just simple cleaning. Composed of stationary parts, it isn’t prone to breakage or wear and tear, and as such, is less likely to need any repair. On top of that, most manufacturers guarantee that they can deliver consistent performance for nearly 20 to 25 years or may even last longer.

6. Boosts The Value Of A Property

Generally, properties that have solar heating systems are valuated at a greater price and also sell at a faster pace. This is another means by which the cost incurred on the system might come back, and you might earn more money too.

7. Saves Space

Installing a heating system powered by solar energy doesn’t require you to worry about space considerations. Solar panels can be mounted on the roof easily, which implies it doesn’t take any ground space outdoors.

8. Won’t Be Affected Due To Power Cuts

Since this system works purely on solar energy, it would, of course, never be affected by a power cut. It might seem trivial at first, but it’s a big advantage since you can enjoy an uninterrupted supply of hot water 24x7. Thus, you’ll be able to take a nice and warm shower whenever you feel like!

Solar Panel On Roof

9. Not Affected Due To Weather Changes

Modern water heating systems that utilise solar energy are built from high-quality stainless steel or galvanized iron and are coated with a protective material such as epoxy or enamel. This durable combination protects the structure from corrosion due to salts and other chemicals. Furthermore, it contributes to extending the service life of the heating system.

10. Lets You Choose Between Multiple Capacities

This is a big advantage as it ensures you get the right solar water heating system for your home. For instance, a family which has four people can go for a larger one. Also, if there are guests visiting your place often, installing a larger water heating system would provide you with the required additional capacity.

A third possibility may be that the home has more bathrooms, which implies that the heat loss due to plumbing would be greater. As such, it should be compensated with a heating system of a higher capacity.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Just think about it- you'll benefit in so many ways by installing a solar water heating system. So, start making the preparations for getting a healthier and more cost-effective water heating system for your home!

But before we call it a day, here are some tips you must keep in mind if you decide to go ahead with the installation. Make sure you get the house checked by a professional to ensure that the roof is in the right condition.

Plus, they should check whether the panels placed on that roof would work efficiently enough to provide the desired performance. It would also be best to discuss the suitable capacity with the professionals to be sure that it’s ideal for your home.

That’s all for today. Till next time, take care!